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SKIN DEEP:Jeanine McCain talks UNDER HER SKINPhindie Interview 2015

"UNDER HER SKIN (premiered at this year’s Fringe), was inspired by the life of McCain’s great-grandmother, who lived in eastern Pennsylvania coal country. Premiered at a recent FringeArts Scratch Night, the twelve-dancer piece features inventive video projection, with an art film seguing into the live dance. Jeanine tells Phindie what’s UNDER HER SKIN." -Christopher Munden

Boxes of Secrets in Under Her Skin, The Dance Journal Review 2015

"Under Her Skin asked the audience to board a train that would take them on a journey through mountains of memories and untold vintage stories. McCain intentionally transported the viewer with her clever undertaking of excavating her clan’s past in a six-part installation...I was grateful to McCain for her generous offering as I left the theatre thinking about the contents of the box I would leave behind, and the story it would tell." - Gregory King

Excavating the Family Secret, thINKingDANCE Review 2015

"...right from the beginning, the experience of this multi-media performance was very engaging." -Kalila Kingsford Smith 


Ursinus Teaching and Learning Institute Grant Spotlight 2014



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