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University/College Teaching

Ursinus College Courses Taught:


DANC 001: Dance Performance Practicum

DANC 100: Introduction to Dance

DANC 210: Performance Improvisation

DANC 240: Dance Repertory

DANC 250: Contemporary Modern Dance 

DANC 250: Dance Majors Seminar

DANC 250: The Contemporary Mover

DANC 250: Mind-Body Conditioning

DANC 310: Dance Composition

DANC 315: Interdisciplinary Collaboration Seminar

DANC 340: Thinking Body: Somatic Theory and Practice

DANC 361: Independent Study in Dance

DANC 461: Independent Study in Dance


TD 250: The Development of American Musical Theatre

TD 382: Internship

TD 400: Seminar in Performance (Capstone Class)


CIE 100: The Common Intellectual Experience



University of Colorado Courses Taught:


DNCE 1000: Beginning Modern Dance

DNCE 1200: Beginning Jazz Dance

DNCE 1013: Dance Improvisation

THTR 3011: The Development of American Musical Theatre

THTR 4033: Advanced Movement for the Stage





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